Where to Buy Art on Etsy: A Guide

If you read my post from a couple months ago about the myths of buying art, then you know that buying and appreciating art is often thought of as a pastime that is a) expensive and b) exclusive. But online marketplaces like Etsy are quickly changing the way that art is bought and sold by giving small local artists more control over their businesses and giving them more opportunities to connect with potential buyers, taking a lot of the stress and hassle out of both buying and selling. If you made it a New Year's resolution this year to buy some artwork for your home, then stick around because this guide that I've put together for you guys will get you off to a good start in your art search (and will keep those New Year's goals going strong!). 

Where To Buy Art On Etsy: A Guide

Maren Devine Art

When I look at Maren Devine's artwork on Etsy, the first two words that come to my mind are colorful and abstract. Devine uses color liberally, from bubblegum pink and dusty blue tones to lime green and ruby red. The artist's body of work is so expansive that it can't be contained in just one Etsy store. Devine maintains a second online storefront, DevinePaintings, and between the two a large range of subjects are covered including abstract portraits (most notably her "Warrior Girl" series), landscapes, still life, landscape, and figural work. Nothing is off limits. The shops contain a good mix of prints and original paintings, with prints averaging about $20 and paintings running from $150-$600. If you have time to comb through both shops you have a really good chance of finding something you love.

Example artwork by Maren Devine
Maren Devine artwork styled by Dina Holland
Photo: Dina Holland

Kim Hovell Art

If art that makes you think of the ocean breeze and rocky beaches is more your thing, than this shop will be right up your alley. Offering primarily prints, Kim Hovell's art shows signs of inspiration from the water and especially the East Coast. The works are abstract with bursts of color that come together in a really stunning way. On top of images of shellfish (mainly oyster shells), Hovell also has a body of work depicting floral arrangements. Prints from this shop will set you back about $40-$60 and are each individually signed by the artist.

Example artwork by Kim Hovell
Kim Hovell art styled on a credenza
Photo: Kim Hovell

Joanne Mehl Studio

I love finding awesome makers and creatives from my local Pacific Northwest, so finding this Etsy shop based out of nearby Portland was a huge score for me. If artwork that nods to the masters of Impressionism and plein air painting is more your style, then this artist's work is for you. You'll find beautifully-rendered Oregon landscapes and equestrian scenes that just might make you crave a visit to our neck of the woods over here. All the pieces in this shop are original oil and gouache paintings sold mostly unframed and ranging from $125-$1,200 (although there is a good selection of work available for under $300).

Example artwork by Joanne Mehl
Painting by Joanne Mehl

Clare Elsaesser

Clare Elsaesser's work might be some of the most well-known on this list. Prints of her paintings have been offered through large retailers like Anthropologie and her painting style is completely unique. While her paintings have the watery and inky characteristics of watercolors (indeed, most of these works are done on watercolor paper), they are actually done in acrylic and ink in such a way that simply mimics the characteristics of watercolors. It's pretty fantastic. She has many figural works, all faceless beauties, as well as some abstracts and still life's. I'm in love with her work, and there are a TON of affordable prints available if you don't have $500-$800 to shell out on an original. But if you do, I highly recommend keeping an eye on the "Originals" category of her shop.

Example artwork by Clare Elsaesser
Artwork by Clare Elsaesser styled on a mantel
Photo: Framebridge

Kiki and Polly

This Portland-based Etsy store offers prints of works by artist Lisa Golightly (originals are available on her website). At first I found her artwork kind of creepy, and her faceless figures reminded me a lot of those from a dark indie video game I played not that long ago called Inside (a game that I haven't actually finished because the man-eating dogs that keep catching me are giving me anxiety). That association aside, any artwork that has graced the shelves of design maven Emily Henderson is an artist I'm on board with (I may be a little bit biased). Her work is incredibly minimal and simple, yet does a lot to convey the innocence and whimsy of youth. With almost 10,000 sales to-date, I think it's safe to say that a lot of other folks love her work too. If you are more of a minimalist at heart, this shop may be one that you'll want to peruse. Most prints start at $22 and go up from there depending on the size (large-scale 34" prints are available).

Example artwork by Lisa Golightly of Kiki and Polly
Lisa Golightly art styled by Emily Henderson
Photo: Emily Henderson
Lisa Golightly art print above a couch
Photo: sfgirlbybay

kai samuels davis

Stopping by this shop just might be one of the best things you do all day. The way artist Kai Samuels-Davis unsympathetically deconstructs his figures but leaves just enough behind for you to recognize something familiar amongst the myriad of colors and shapes is nothing short of a feat of artistic wizardry. The more you stare at one of his compositions the more interesting it becomes, leading to countless hours of contemplation which in my opinion justifies the investment. 
KSD's shop consists of a mix of giclee prints and original oil paintings, both of which will cost you a little more money than some other shops. Prints will run you anywhere from $50-$300 depending on the size while the original works range from $550-$6000. But don't let the sticker shock get to you! This shop is still a must-see.

Example artwork by Kai Samuels Davis
Artwork by Kai Samuels Davis styled above desk
Photo: Framebridge
Artwork by Kai Samuels Davis styled above couch
Photo: Chris Loves Julia

Vivian Caits

I love the work of abstract artist Vivian Caits. Based out of Washington, DC, Caits's studio produces original giclee prints in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Her art is soft and light, with beautiful pastel hues and neutral tones as well a few a few bolder color combinations thrown into the mix. Her works provides a really great accent for any room in your home and feels very contemporary and at times minimal. If this sounds like your kind of art then definitely give her work a look! While her Etsy shop offers primarily prints at the moment, I believe that once her new official website launches original offerings might be made available there so keep an eye out and sign up for her mailing list if you're interested in staying up-to-date.

Example artwork by Vivian Caits
Artwork by Vivian Caits styled in dining room
Photo: Vivian Caits

Elizabeth Mayville

Elizabeth Mayville's claim to fame is her collection of female portraits in hind view, highlighting fabulous messy buns, braids, and pony tails. If you look up #elizabethmayville on Instagram you'll find many such pieces displayed in lots of different homes (and even some fun lookalikes). Partial portraits aren't all this studio is known for, however, and Mayville paints a whole variety of subjects from still life portraits to animals to landscapes. If you're an Obama or Biden fan there's even some cute prints of them available. Offerings on this site come primarily in the form of prints but a small number of gouache and oil originals are typically available in the Etsy shop at any given time (someone please buy this adorable seagull painting). The prints are nice because there's a wide range of sizes and prices, making finding the perfect piece of art for your walls easier. 

Example artwork by Elizabeth Mayville
Gallery wall styled by Etsy
Photo: Etsy

Ready to get shopping? Below I've tagged some of my favorite pieces of art that are on my own wish list.

My picks for best Etsy artists

"Seated Figure Abstract" from Maren Devine Art (No longer available) // "Half Shell" print from Kim Hovell Art // "Ha'ena Evening" from Joanne Mehl Studio (No longer available) // "Last One In" by Kiki and Polly // "Rose Queen" by Clare Elsaesser // "The Decision" by Kai Samuels Davis (No longer available) // "Stillwater" by Vivian Caits // "Top Knot 45" print from Elizabeth Mayville

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Where to Buy Art on Etsy: A Guide | Kayla Lynn


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