My Favorite Online Plant Sellers (2023 Version)

Philodendron Spiritus Sancti from NoveltyG on eBay



Welcome, plant friends!

It's been a while since I did an updated (& more comprehensive) list of all the really great plant sellers out there on the Internet. 

While shopping for plants in-person is always the most ideal scenario, the reality is that the availability of certain plants (& plant shops in general) is lacking in my area. Which means I have become somewhat of an expert on having plants shipped from around the country and even imported from outside the United States.

Before I get into the list, it's worth noting that if you are new to buying plants online, it's important to read the policies and tips from the plant shop you're purchasing from. They'll often set expectations around what to expect for your shipment provide you with information on caring for your plant after it arrives as well as requirements for any exchanges or returns for heavily damaged or dead-on-arrival plants. 

I've seen sellers require an unboxing video in order to process any replacements. You may also be required to reach out within a certain time frame to report any issues with your shipment (sometimes within 24 hours). I've even seen sellers stipulate that replacements won't be issued if you repotted your plant soon after receiving it (say, within a week of arrival).

Know these types of things before you order so that there are no nasty surprises. 

That's all from me!

The list below is a working list, so I may add or delete entries as needed. I have personally purchased from every shop and seller on this list except those marked with an asterisk (*). Feel free to leave any shops you think I should check out in the comments below! I love finding new plant sources.

Happy growing 🪴


The Great Big List of Online Plant Sellers



Hoyahole - Mainly uncommon anthurium seeds & seedlings

Creaky Shed - Mainly uncommon anthurium seeds & seedlings, sometimes other plants available

Tan Asian With Plants* - Mainly uncommon anthuriums seeds & seedlings

Rare Plant Fairy - "Unicorn" plants, uncommon plants, variegated plants. Having their own tissue culture lab means they often offer cool plants for a good price.

We Love Plants - Large & uncommon plants (at great prices, wow)

Green Hues - Mainly anthurium seeds & seedlings

Bay Area Frogs - Mainly anthurium seeds & seedlings, terrarium plants

Understory Oasis* - Unique anthurium hybrids & uncommon plants

NSE Tropicals - Uncommon plants

Canopy Plant Co - Common & uncommon plants

Leafy Soulmates - Cuttings & nodes, uncommon plants

The Bloomkeeper - Uncommon plants, variegated plants

Gabriella Plants - Common & uncommon plants; known for their Philodendron hederaceum cultivars ("Rio" & "Gabby")

Plants and Pamperin - Mainly uncommon anthurium seedlings, common & uncommon plants

Ecuagenera (Florida) - Common & uncommon plants, acclimated plants from their Ecuador grow facility

Ecuagenera (California) - Common & uncommon plants, acclimated plants from their Ecuador grow facility; CA typically has less of an online selection than FL



Etsy Shops

alltheplantbabies - Unique anthurium hybrids, uncommon plants

TheGreenEscape - Starter plants, common & uncommon plants

NicePlantsGoodPots - Uncommon plants, lots of Anth. Hoffmannii X (if you're in the market)

iDrinkNiPlantThings* - Uncommon plants

PaperCraneNursery -  Uncommon plants

AroidzOasis -  Uncommon plants

Christina08Garden* - Uncommon plants

PLANTAMANI - Uncommon plants

RootedRaritiesLLC - Mostly uncommon anthuriums, other uncommon plants

Botanicaz - Cuttings, *fancy* begonias, uncommon plants

MoreShadesOfGreen - Tissue culture plantlets 

CanopyGems - Uncommon plants



eBay Sellers

noveltyg - Uncommon plants; known for the "NoveltyG" ace of spades anthurium

fairchild.nursery - Uncommon plants (mainly anthurium)

koolcollectibles2014 - Mainly uncommon anthurium seedlings

rareplantfairy - "Unicorn" plants, uncommon plants, variegated plants (weekly auctions in addition to weekly website restock)

thebloomkeeper - Uncommon plants, variegated plants

Wild Eartha - Common & uncommon plants

cactus2753 - Common & uncommon plants (typically "buy it now" rather than auctions)

aroids-hawaii - Common & uncommon plants

optiflora* - Albos, albos, and more albos


Note: Many sellers who sell via Instagram are also beginning to sell via the app Plant Story. Be sure to download the app and check it out if you're a frequent live shopper!

@2plantdaddy - Mainly uncommon anthurium seeds & seedlings via stories

@35nthrive - Mainly uncommon anthurium seeds & seedlings, other uncommon plants via scheduled story sales

@plantsandpamperin - Often does weekly purges on Thursdays & Sundays via stories & Anthuriums FB group (Note: Abe is currently in the middle of moving to Hawaii so story sales are mostly on pause but I believe you can still shop via his website).

@dadeplantco* - Common & uncommon plants via stories

@ecuagenerausa - Common & uncommon plants via live sales

@ecuagenera_ca - Common & uncommon plants via live sales



The Rare Plant Shop (U.K.) - Uncommon plants. Plant YouTuber Kaylee Ellen's shop.

North Shore Tropicals (Canada) - Uncommon plants (shipping to U.S. is a bit pricier than elsewhere). Also available via live sales on @northshoretropicals.

Ecuagenera (Ecuador) - Common & uncommon plants. Fresh imports also available via pop-up events.

Tropicals Plants (Ecuador)* - Common & uncommon plants. Fresh imports also available via pop-up events & live sales on @tropicalsplantssales.

Kartel Daun (Indonesia) - Uncommon anthuriums via plant drops & DMs on Instagram (@karteldaun and

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