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 Let Round 2 of Shop Small Seattle commence!

This time, I'm highlighting various home goods and lifestyle small businesses you can shop at and support in the Seattle area. Whether you're looking for stationary, plants, home decor, apothecary, trinkets & gifts, you name it, this category's got it.

I should apologize now for not getting this post up in time for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. I know, I'm the worst. But it's here now, and you can still support small businesses even though the rush and frenzy of all the November sales has ended.

As with last time, be sure to check the hours, policies, and COVID-19 measures being implemented by any of the below-named stores if you intend to visit them in person. Some stores may be open by appointment only due to space constraints or be operating under reduced hours. Show some love, but do so responsibly. 

If you missed my last post, feel free to check it out here:

 Stay safe out there, and happy shopping (if you are doing so)!

 Home Goods & Lifestyle Businesses


Featuring air plants & plant accessories, pins, and keychains designed by botanical designer Samantha Leung.


Instagram: @hemleva

Location: Online, 300+ stockists

From the website: "Launched in the Autumn of 2013, HEMLEVA is focused around bringing greenery into the home and into our daily lives. HEMLEVA is currently based out of Seattle, Washington, and is entirely run by Samantha Leung.

Originally launching under the name Handmade Sam*Made, the company and brand launched with a mix of both traditional and original handmade brass mobiles, wall sconces, ornaments and more. Samantha shares her passion for plants through her Air Plant Dating Profiles, General Plant Care, and through her original Plant-inspired Enamel Pins, Keychains and accessories.

As both the geometric and botanical pin collections grew, the number of stockists grew as well. You can now find Samantha's handmade brass mobiles and plant-inspired enamel pins and keychains in over 300 retail stores around the world.

To this day, each and every mobile and wall sconce is handmade by Samantha. Every plant is hand inspected and cared for, and each pin and keychain is designed and packaged by Samantha herself  out of her Seattle studio."

Lavendar pin by Hemleva

Prism air plant holder by Hemleva

Standard Goods

Featuring home goods, stickers & pins, clothing, gifts, and much more. This store is one of my personal favorites!


Instagram: @thestandardgoods


5317 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
Capitol Hill
701 East Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122

From the website: "Standard Goods is a lifestyle boutique located in Capitol Hill and in Ballard, Seattle, Washington USA. With an emphasis on products made in North America, we thoughtfully try to offer our customers quality and unique products."

La Croix themed earrings from Yellow Owl Workshop

Green Pacific Northwest women's hoodie



Featuring healthy & sustainable home and personal care products.


Instagram: @apublicshop

Location: 3836 California Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98116

From the website: "PUBLIC is your neighborhood low-waste living shop and go-to resource for sustainable goods and refills. We believe that with back-to-basics, everyday solutions we can reduce single-use product and food waste.

We understand that time is valuable and lives are busy. It’s our promise to you that our products and solutions will be simple and easy to put into practice.

Each of our curated products is thoughtfully researched and thoroughly vetted as an alternative to those that are single-use. Almost all of these products we use in our own lives; the rest are either recommended by customers or people we know and trust.

Whether you’re just starting out transitioning to a low-waste life or have been on the path for years, we take the guesswork out of which products are the most effective and effortless to use."

Product photo of solid hair shampoo from Public Goods Seattle



A local stockist of men's & women's clothing, home, and lifestyle goods.


Instagram: @prismseattle

Location: 5208 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

High on Design coffee table book from Prism Seattle
hand holding the Willow Black Dahlia Candle

Green glass French press from Prism Seattle

Bathing Beauteas

Featuring natural, small batch tea baths.


Instagram: @bathingbeauteas


MadeHere SEA

115 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA, 98104

Sharon’s Spa & Resale Boutique

7620 Pioneer Way
Gig Harbor, WA, 98335

From the website: "It began in 2015 with an opportunity for education and entrepreneurship: ENTRE 472, a course where undergraduates created companies in six months. Our initial team came together out of a mutual love for natural beauty and a goal to impact women positively. Bathing Beauteas has continued growing under the vision and leadership of Joyce Tang and Stephanie Mai. 

After meeting over multiple cups of tea and validating our idea, we landed upon the tea bath as our first product line. However, our vision goes far beyond the bath. We’ve always believed in the power of a great story. We believe every woman has a unique story to tell and we aim to help her find a voice in the community through our products and philosophy.

We partner with local nonprofits focused on women empowerment to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. Our growth as a company happens simultaneously with our impact on women in need. We handcraft our tea baths alongside women who are survivors of sex trafficking in the United States."

Peach Pamplemousse Mini Tea Bath product photo

Persephone Pomegranate Tea Bath product photo

Fruitsuper Design

Stockist of home goods and decor made by independent designers.


Instagram: @fruitsupershop

Location: 524 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

From the website: "Our Seattle based design studio was founded in 2008 as a balance of our complementary skill sets; she is the why, he is the how. We celebrate constraints, obsess over details, are dedicated to quality, and focused on creating elevated everyday objects. Designed with intent and integrity, crafted for living, and always American made."

Prominent female figures on illustrated covers of Bravery Magazine

Round, pastel-colored bud vases on a table

Adorned Abode

Featuring local gifts, home goods, jewelry, and more.


Instagram: @adornedabode

Location: 2501 E D Street, Suite 53, Tacoma, WA 98421

*Accessible from Seattle via the Sounder train or Sound Transit routes 590 & 594*

From the website: "Here at Adorned Abode, we take tremendous pride in growing strong relationships with our customers. Giving someone a gift is a benevolent act of kindness. Our mission is to create a heartwarming experience when you shop with us. Selling locally made goods, fair trade items, and supporting small business is what we are all about.

Since we opened up shop in the fall of 2016, our goal has been to bring a warm and whole hearted experience to our customers. Our staff takes tremendous pride in helping you find your gifting needs. We stay involved locally in community markets throughout the year and a great portion of our merchandise is made right here in Tacoma! We hope to support you in your future gifting needs."

Yellow gratitude journal from Adorned Abode

Mini black plant vase with a woman's face


Queen Anne Frame & Gift

Custom framing as well as home goods, jewelry, and gifts. 


Instagram: @queenanneframe

Location: 1621 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle WA 98109

From the website: "By shopping locally, you contribute to keeping neighborhoods vibrant and full of life, having a local business community that is thriving, and healthy greatly impacts on the world we all live in. By simply taking care of our neighbor, we can all make a difference, and shopping in your local communities does just that.  

As a local shop, our goal is to do big things in small ways. We are very grateful to be able to have a local impact on the community we work and live within Seattle. By being a patron of our shop, you are partnering with us to feed our community, and here are some of the ways we are working to have an impact."

Handmade palm frond basket tote

Gift set from Queen Anne Frame and Gift


Handmade, organic skincare, bath, and perfume products.



Location: Online

From the website: "Since 2018, Deschampsia is a small batch apothecary based in Seattle, WA. We specialize in making holistic all-natural skin care, bath, perfumery, and self care products from wildcrafted and organic botanicals. 

Simply put, we want to bring the knowledge and experience of nature based self care to the benefit of conscious individuals. 

It's well known that the healthiest diet is made from complete foods which are minimally processed and never exposed to harmful pesticides or petrochemical preservatives. We believe the same should be true of the products we expose our bodies to on a daily basis."

Cooling Cucumber Mint & Fireweed Hydrosol skincare spray

Copper vase with plant ingredients for Deschampsia Apothecary


Featuring bath & skincare products, jewelry, and home goods. 


Instagram: @essenzaseattle

Location: 615 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103

From the website: "Becky and Jim Buford opened Essenza in 1998 inspired after a trip to Provence and visiting the old world pharmacies of Europe. They designed Essenza using influences from southern France: stone, steel and glass as textured layers throughout the store. Their vision is that Essenza is a space where artisans and clients can come together to share and enjoy the beautiful products that are made around the world. Becky and Jim live in Fremont, Seattle with their sweet Blue Healer, Ellie, and enjoy walks in parks, getaways to the coast and the relationships they have created with their employees, customers and retail industry."

Creme Intense hand cream in a pink tube

Provence Liquid Hand Wash in amber glass bottle

Fern Street Pottery

Featuring handmade artisan ceramic wears.


Instagram: @fernstreetpottery

Locations: Online

Bellevue Art Museum Store 

510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Good Earth Pottery

1000 Harris Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225

Urban Plant Shop 

815 6th St, Bremerton, WA 98337 

From the website: "I love clay. I love having my hands in clay, creating beautiful forms and textured, tactile pieces. I spend my days making pots to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. I believe that functional pottery should start with form in mind. I design and throw each piece to work at its fullest potential. Coffee cups are designed to keep coffee warm and have a comfortable handle. Bowls have a beautiful curve as well as a lovely rim to hold as the bowl frames the contents within it. Clay is an inherent part of who I am, a natural expression and extension of my vocabulary. I am happiest when creating. I personally design, throw, form, glaze, fire and photograph each piece of work from my studio."


Hand holding a handmade gray ceramic pitcher

Handmade terracotta and cream ceramic hanging planters

The Paper Feather

Local design boutique featuring stationary, cards, local gifts, art, and more.


Instagram: @thepaperfeather

Location: 1520 Western Ave, Seattle, Washington 98101

Candle in amber jars from The Paper Feather

Lulumiere shower steamers in a pink bag

The Monarq

Featuring original artwork, prints, posters, and stickers created by local artist Sabella Flagg. 


Instagram: @themonarq

Location: Online

From the website: "Sabella is an artist, designer, and writer creating under the moniker “the monarq” which is a multidisciplinary art practice.

She works with abstraction through a mixture of analog photography, pattern design, and printmaking alongside portraiture. Themes around self identity and its expression along with capturing the relationship between the environment and the journey towards self-discovery is a principle theme of her work."

"Cancel 2020" floral poster by The Monarq

Original print of a black woman in colorful accessories by The Monarq

Plant Shop

Featuring houseplants, pots, and planters.

Looking for more plant shopping options? Check out my post "10 Online Plant Shops You Should Know About."

411 E Pine St. 
Seattle, WA 98122

Pickup Orders

1215 Seneca Street
Seattle, WA 98101

Green and white aglaonema / first diamond plant from Plant Shop Seattle

Overhead view of the inside of Plant Shop Seattle


Featuring vintage rugs, furniture, and home goods. Sister store to Plant Shop.


Instagram: @homesteadseattle

Location: 1215 Seneca Street, Seattle, WA 98101

3 tiered gold and glass coffee table from Homestead Seattle

Brown and cream vintage Persian rug

Station 7

Featuring home goods, paper goods, jewelry, books, and more.


Instagram: @station7seattle 

Location: 400 15th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112 

From the website: "Based in a retired 1920s firehouse, Station 7 is a home and dry goods shop with a focus on local and handmade goods.

We offer a wide variety of goods, including jewelry, books, plants, ceramics, stationery, candles, gift items, personal care products and much more. We're proudly located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

We're proudly a second generation family business."

Pair of handmade ceramic mugs

Brass Long Circle Dangle Earrings product photo


Particle Goods

Featuring small batch aromatic goods such as candles, incense, and fragrances.


Instagram: @particlegoods

Location: Check here for list of stockists

From the website: "Scent is a "particle phenomenon."  Molecules colliding with one another in the air are inhaled and categorized by the brain to form a tangible recognition of the natural world and root us deeply to a sense of time and place.

Particle Goods is an exploration of natural formations and phenomenon both known and unknown.  We believe in fostering a deeper connection to the natural world and to ourselves through well-formulated aroma products.  We use pure renewable soy wax and a mix of essential oils and perfume grade oils.  We are ethically sourced and produced in Seattle, Washington.  A portion of each sale goes to charitable organizations within our local community that empower social and economic well being/equality and environmental sustainability."

Vials of custom perfumes by Particle Goods

Black and white mini tins of locally made candles


Elliott Bay Book Company

Local bookstore since 1973. I've frequented this bookstore several times and as a book nerd I can tell you it's heavenly. 


Instagram: @elliottbaybookco

Location: 1521 Tenth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

From the website: "The Elliott Bay Book Company is an independently owned bookstore founded by Walter Carr in 1973, at 109 Main Street. Over the next three and half decades, the bookstore shifted and expanded within the Globe Building adding event space for author readings as well as Seattle’s first bookstore café.

In 2010, Elliott Bay relocated to 1521 10th Ave in the Capitol Hill neighborhood near downtown Seattle. We brought with us the unique selection of books, original cedar shelves and the same knowledgeable staff, to ensure the same unique and welcoming atmosphere. The reading events as well as the café have remained a vital part of our business."

Picture of Elliott Bay Book Co. store sign from the sidewalk

Various books arranged in a circle on a wooden floor

Flora and Henri

Features one-of-a-kind women & children's clothing, home goods, and gifts.


Instagram: @flora_henri

Location: 401 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104

From the website: "One thing runs through lifelong Seattleite, Jane Hedreen’s list of most-loved things: the unfettered beauty of simplicity. Be it the abundant inspiration she finds in nature; good, nourishing food enjoyed around the family table; the women in her life who have and continue to influence her; and Seattle itself, Jane draws on them all to design and curate an inventory for flora and henri that allows us all to experience the joy of simply beautiful things.

Jane is a Seattle Native, Yale Graduate, who began flora and henri as a vertical luxury children’s retailer in 1998. The flora and henri brand has been available via catalogue, website, select wholesale relationships and proprietary shops in Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles. In more recent years, flora and henri has expanded to include women’s apparel and accessories, homewares and gifts and has partnered with like-minded boutique designers from around the globe. In June of 2017 the full flora and henri concept shop opened its doors in Seattle at the corner of 1st and Jackson in the historic Schwabacher Hardware building of Pioneer Square. In the fall of 2019 a second concept shop Live & Love opened in the beautiful outdoor Marin Country Mart at the Larkspur Landing in CA. Both shops offer a breathtaking collection of unique, sought after and inspired creations for children, women and home. Jane intends the designs and curations of the Concept Shops to promote a slow-family sensibility while always remaining thoroughly modern, and as a respite to today's ever more frenetic lifestyle."

The Flora and Henri Seattle shop interior


Don't see your favorite small business lsited here? Let me know in the comments below!


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