My Favorite Items From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (2020)

 This article should really be titled "Things I'd Buy from the Nordstrom Sale If I Had Money (And If I Could Count on It All Being In-Stock)," but that title doesn't really work for obvious reasons. There's no denying that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of those annual events where shopping becomes a spectator sport. I have purchased something from the sale in each of the last three years, and honestly, a lot of it has been really great staple pieces that I wear a ton.

Do you need anything from this year's NSale? No, not really. Any other year I'd be much more eager to throw myself into the shopping fray, but this year feels different. I will most likely just be browsing and window shopping this year (although I said that last year, too), but that doesn't mean I can't still daydream about some of the pieces I would try to snag if I was shopping. Whether you're sitting the sale out this year or going all in, you can still peruse the digital clothing racks to get a feel for next season's popular pieces and collect inspiration for potential future purchases.

Below are my personal favorite picks from this year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The sale is open to all Nordstrom cardholders currently and will open to the general public on Wednesday, August 19. Since you can preview sale items this year, I would recommend browsing now if you're serious about shopping to stake out any items you may want and grab them before they're gone. In-stock items fluctuate (like, hour-by-hour frequently), so if your favorites are out of stock be sure to check back later. 

Happy shopping (or, alternatively, happy window shopping)!

My favorite items from the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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