The February Edit

Can you believe that there's only about a week-and-a-half left in February? With this month starting to draw to a close, I'm taking this time to share some of my favorite items from my wish list this month.
The February Edit | Kayla Lynn

1. Camel Walking Coat (No longer available) // As I write this, snow is falling lightly outside and dusting the alleyway behind my apartment. The last few days have been a weird mixture of snow and sunshine (weird weather shifts are the Washington way), but through it all it has been FREEZING cold. It's been a stern reminder to not put the cold weather gear away just yet. It's also a perfect time to scour end-of-season sales for really good deals on coats and sweaters, including this classic Kristen Blake coat that's currently 50% off at Nordstrom!

2. Fresh Peony Brightening Foam Cleanser // Peony season seems so close yet so far away at the same time! It's easily one of my favorite times of the year, and while I can't pick up a bouquet of my favorite flowers at the market right now, I can settle for this facial cleanser from fresh while I wait. It utilizes peony and licorice root extracts as well as vitamin C glucoside to help brighten and even skin tone.

3. Metallic Bouquet Pink Linen Napkins (No longer available) // Zara's home collection is on fire right now! I especially love their spring table line that makes use of lots of gold accents, simple glass china, and pink linens.

4. Woven Heart Triple Ruffle Sweater (No longer available) // I'm a girly girl at heart, so I love feminine accents like ruffles, gemstones, and lace. This pink ruffle sleeve sweater (also on sale!) has my name all over it, and with the weather being so chilly lately I'm happy to take the excuse to squeeze in those final winter purchases.

5. The Seaweed Co Restore + Protect Day Cream // Target's beauty lines have been on fire lately! One of the newest editions is a new lines of cleansers and facial creams from The Seaweed Co. I recently picked up a tube of their day cream and I'm really loving it so far! It soaks right into my skin and leaves it feeling nice and hydrated, plus the packaging is really nice-looking and feels solid (I'm a packaging nerd).

6. Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Air Dry Creme // I have always taken showers in the evening rather than the morning. I'm already not a good morning person (ask basically anyone who has ever seen me in the morning), and adding the shock of having to walk into a jet of water (even if the water is nice and hot) is something that I just can't mentally handle right when I wake up. Plus I already wake up at 5am to commute to Seattle and waking up any earlier than that is simply a no-go. Thus, I take my showers in the evening before I go to bed and let my hair air dry. Pretty much the only time I use my hair dryer is when I'm on a time crunch and need to dry my hair FAST, otherwise I always let my hair air dry. So this Kristin Ess air dry creme is a product that seems right up my alley! I already adore the dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner, and I'm itching to get a hold of more products from the Kristen Ess for Target line!

7. "Golden Figure II' by Kristin Blakeney (No longer available) // For those of you that don't know me super well, I love to collect original art! I have about 9 original pieces at the moment (several of which I still need to have framed). I got a minor in art history from the University of Washington, and while I'm not a huge art history buff I do still have a great appreciation for art. On the radar right now is Kristin Blakeney's figure studies (some of which are occasionally for sale at Gregg Irby Gallery)-- they are so incredibly beautiful, and are available in bright colors as well as simple black and white. I want so badly to add one of her pieces to my little art collection!

8. Baldwyn Fringe Slide Sandal(No longer available) // Just because I'm still on the hunt for cold weather sales doesn't mean I'm not also looking forward to spring and summer. These slides have a classic stripe pattern with the addition of a fun fringe detail, I adore them!

9. Zara Home Red Berries Aromatic Candle (No longer available) // Zara, I see you. I'm really loving their home collection right now, and this red berry candle with it's beautiful floral packaging is no exception. I love to have a candle or two burning around the apartment, and I go through them pretty quickly. Anyone who has lived in a small apartment is no stranger to the fact that every time you cook the entire apartment smells like food basically forever.

And that's it for the February edit! Have a great weekend!


  1. They're so beautiful! I like your blog, wanna follow eaxh other?:)

    1. Grazie mille! Just followed your blog :) I look forward to reading it, I took a few quarters of Italian in college but I've never actually been!