Last Minute, No Fuss Gift Ideas

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Can you believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away? For us, that means things are really starting to come down to the wire, and while the little ones are excitedly counting down the nights until Santa visits their house, the adults are anxiously watching the dwindling days they have left to get their holiday shopping done! 

If you're a last-minute shopper, then you may already be starting to notice that certain popular items are starting to become unavailable, especially toys and outerwear in certain sizes. The time you have left to order gifts online is coming to an end also, as shipping congestion will start to make it harder and harder for packages to be shipped and delivered on-time. But have no fear! There are still plenty of gift options available out there that are in-stock and easy to pick up in-store or order online if you do so soon (a.k.a. perfect for last minute shoppers.) 

Need some inspiration? Check out some of my favorite no fuss gift ideas below. There is no apparel, no frantically texting around to figure out what size you need to get. And the best part? Everything on the list is $45 or less, so there's no need to shell out hundreds of dollars for gifts that your friends and family will love. 

Last Minute, No Fuss Gift Ideas | Kayla Lynn

1. "Grey Girl In Chair" Art Print ($40): Have someone on your list that would appreciate a pretty piece of art this Christmas? Check them off with this gorgeous watercolor print by artist Laurie Anne Gonzalez. Dress it up with this frame to create a great presentation that's ready to hang.

2. 9 Bottle Gold Wine Rack ($29.99): Have a wine lover in your life? A bottle of wine and a pretty gold wine rack to put it on will make the perfect holiday gift this year.

3. Voluspa Cut Glass Jar Candles ($28): You can never really go wrong with a good candle. It's the Old Reliable of gift giving, and while it's not super exciting it is a gift that you can always show up to a party or small family gathering with as a token of giving (and you won't have a difficult time finding one!)

4. Decorative Gold Metal Bowls w/ Tray ($19.99): These decorative bowls are a lovely gift for the entertainer on your list, and it's also multi-functional.

5. Rose Gold Cocktail Shaker ($12.99): A cocktail shaker is a staple for any home bar, yet it's one that many people don't have (myself included). Give your bartenders-at-heart the tools they need to mix of some amazing cocktails just in time for the New Year.

6. Monogram Old Fashioned Glass w/ Gold Rim ($4.99): These monogramed old fashioned glasses are beautiful in person and are a great way to add a personalized touch. Gift these along with a bottle of your favorite whiskey or some beautiful coasters (see below) and you're set.

7. Hey There Pumpkin Doormat ($45): This doormat is so adorable, I just had to include it. Ryan and I received a pretty doormat for Christmas last year and we love it. Functional yet decorative gifts are always appreciated.

8. Glass Whiskey Decanter w/ Wood Stopper ($9.99): A decanter is something everyone needs, even if they don't know it. A whisky or wine decanter can greatly elevate the presentation as well as the flavor of your favorite alcoholic beverage, and they're generally a very affordable gift.

9. Marble + Wood Cutting Board ($39): Cheese boards and trays are another must-have gift for any hostess or homebody. They can serve so many different purposes, and they're also just pretty to look at. If you have anyone on your shopping list that loves to decorate or host, this gift is a surefire winner.

10. White + Gold Stoneware Coasters ($9.99): I go through coasters like crazy. They get stained, wear out, and I'm always on the lookout for a new set. Pair a set of pretty coasters with some glasses and you've got a solid gift for just about anyone.

11. Vintage Pottery Plate ($13.50): For the person in your life that loves a bit of vintage flair, this ceramic dish is a unique, non-generic Christmas gift. Gifts like these make my inner anthropologist VERY happy, and I'm resisting the urge to scoop this piece up for myself!

12. Rounded Square Marble Serving Tray ($24.99): All marble everything! Marble homewares are always well received and are very on-trend, singling you out as the gift giver who knows what's up.

There's still enough time left before Christmas morning to scrounge up some really great gifts for the people remaining on your list. Many of the items above are from Target and are in-stock in most stores (even if they may be unavailable for shipping online), so check out the inventory available at your local Target store on and go shopping as soon as possible for the best possible selection.

Happy shopping friends, and Happy Holidays!

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