Memorial Weekend Sale: Nordstrom Home

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend! Warm weather finally decided to present itself here in Washington just in time, and even though I'm bummed that our car doesn't have AC I'm still thankful for the sunshine. Memorial Day weekend is usually the inaugural weekend around here for getting outdoors, whether to go camping, boating, hiking, or to just have a picnic at the park. It's also a weekend for some serious sales, and if your plans don't take you too far out into the wilderness then you can spend some of the cool evening hours after sundown perusing some of the deals. Nordstrom's half yearly sale is going on right now, and it's definitely worth a look! 

Nordstrom isn't typically my go-to for home decor, but they still provide some pretty accent and entertaining pieces from time to time. Below I've rounded up a couple of my favorite sale items. 

By the way, if you've been at all interested in picking up a new cookbook then I highly recommend considering Julia Turshen's Small Victories: Recipes, Advice & Hundreds of Ideas for Home Cooking Triumphs. In a time of Pinterest recipes and cooking blogs, getting back into a good old cookbook like what my mother used to cook from when I was growing up is a creature comfort for me. It's a really good deal right now at about $22, down from $35! 

Memorial Day Weekend Sale: Nordstrom Home | Kayla Lynn

*Please note: Due to the age of this page, most of these products are no longer in stock.

Painted Diamond Cotton Napkins // Gold Ombre Decanter // 'Santa Fe' Tassel Pillow // 'Nails' Handmade Ceramic Vase // Tassel Throw // 'Small Victories' book

If you're looking for more sales to shop this weekend, the Glitter Guide has also put together a really great guide to all the best Memorial Day sales that you can check out right here.

Know of any other great sales happening this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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