6 Stunning Seattle Area Homes to Envy

6 Stunning Seattle Area Homes to Envy | Kayla Lynn

Happy Spring! I just had the shocking realization that I only made three blog posts during the whole month of March (yikes). In my defense, I was out of town visiting a friend and taking in the Virginia-DC area for almost a week, and then right after I got home bam. Hit with a really terrible head cold (that I'm STILL trying to shake). Hopefully this month you see a better turn out from me but there are only so many hours in a day! 10:30am to 10pm are basically spoken for between my job as a barista and my commute, and I girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to pay those annoying little things called bills.

Today, though, I'm looking to share a post that I've been wanting to do for a while! Up until the last year or so, my own little bubble of blogs that I check in on religiously had me dreaming of living somewhere like LA, New York, San Francisco, or London and just wishing that my own gray and drizzly corner of the universe called Seattle had an inkling of the creative talent that other cities seemed to be teeming with. Bohemian bungalows, ultra chic and modern condos, lovely sun-drenched kitchens and outdoor sitting areas, I dreamt of it all! And I was dead convinced that there just wasn't any design talent to be found in the Pacific Northwest. Boy was I wrong.

Upon taking a closer look into the community around me, I've come to find that I never gave Seattle nearly enough credit. There are many fashion and interior design creatives located right here in the Seattle area that are fueling a look and style all their own, and I have found a whole host of beautiful homes and designers to be inspired by. So without further ado, I present to you part one of my adventure into Pacific Northwest interior design.

Home #1: A Charming & Elegant Tudor

Designer: Katie & Paul Hackworth of H2 Design + Build

There is a lot to love in this beautiful brick Tudor-style home in Seattle's Laurelhurst neighborhood (I would LOVE to own a Tudor). The designers fused both traditional and modern influences in this home, accentuating the home's 1930s architecture with vintage and traditional elements while also adding in updated amenities and a smattering of modern furniture pieces. I love the black and white tiles that greet you the instant you walk in; the splash of pattern is a pleasant surprise in an otherwise minimal entryway. And let's talk about that wallpaper in the dining room. It's stunning! Wallpaper is definitely making a comeback, and there are many more options nowadays than there used to be just a few years ago (say goodbye to grandma's pink and cream floral walls). Wallpaper can make a very bold impact without having to apply paint, and while I'm terrified of the idea of applying it myself the countless examples of beautiful wallpapering I've seen in recent weeks makes me think I have to really consider it (check out one design team's use of wallpaper in a stunning Los Feliz home here and here).

There are many more amazing photos of this home, check them out as well as shop the look over on My Domaine!

House #2: A Bright & Airy Boho Home

Designer: Heidi Caillier

By far, may favorite feature of this house is the KITCHEN. I love the white upper cabinets in contrast to the dark navy lower cabinets and mixed with brass hardware. Something between this and Kate Arends of Wit and Delight's kitchen would be my ultimate dream scenario. In addition to the kitchen, I also love the whimsical and eclectic gallery wall that has been curated for the dining room area. Plus notice the white fur pelt draped over one of the chairs, just like in the previous home. It's a great way to introduce warmth and texture to a space otherwise dominated by hard wooden objects. You can get a simple faux sheepskin rug from Ikea for only $15, and you can drape it or layer it over just about anything!

I love that there is a touch of greenery in just about every photo. Branches and other leafy foliage create a wonderful bohemian vibe and add a lot of color and vibrancy; flowers (while wonderful) can't be allowed to steal the entire show! To see the rest of this home, visit Rue Daily

Home #3: A Simple and Balanced Creative Home

Designer: Brian Paquette

Next up is a really awesome space from Seattle designer Brian Paquette. His influences stem from fine art, locally-sourced and handmade materials, and architectural space. I for one love the thought and design that went into this formerly blank and personality-less space. The show-stopping feature is definitely that dining room (and once again we see an example of well-designed wallpaper at work). From the mineral patterned wall to the lucite chairs and Apparatus chandelier, everything feels very luxe and high-fashion. It's a space where modern, artistic, and traditional elements combine to create something really wonderful. A++! The rest of the home feels very curated and balanced, with many masculine industrial elements being countered by soft feminine fabrics and patterns. I LOVE the Moroccan influence scattered subtly throughout the house. This space proves that Brian Paquette is a designer to watch in the future.

You can check out more photos and shop the look over at My Domaine.

Home #4: A Small, Moody Loft with Big Style

Designer: Brian Paquette

I couldn't resist including another home designed by Brian Paquette. He's definitely a big player in the Seattle design scene, and as thus it makes sense that he has multiple beautiful design products to highlight. This small 750-square-foot construction in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood (think Amazon headquarters) packs a really big style punch for its size. According to the designer, his clients wanted everything in the home to be something that they loved, not simply a placeholder on a wall or shelf. With this in mind, Paquette set to work creating a warm, comfy space that I for one would love to cozy up in during Seattle's gray and rainy winter months (and spring months, apparently, because I still haven't seen much sunshine around here). The loft makes use of blue and gray tones by pairing them with creamy beige and and white accents (like the crisp white linens on the bed and the cowhide rug in the living room). This loft has no shortage of throws and cozy textiles draped throughout, and the couple's commitment to creating a cozy yet minimal space really shows. I'll forgive the lack of artwork on the walls. 

See more photos on My Domaine.

House #5: The Bold Boho Home of a Seattle Designer

Designer: Jillian Scott of Carl and the Wolf

I'm telling you, wallpaper is IN! Not only in the form of pattern, but in mural form as well (I'm crushing really hard on this one from Anthropologie). It adds instant intrigue and style, and I for one and for it (check out another great mural example here). The jungle mural with a prowling leopard is a really fun yet stylish touch to a young boy's playroom. It creates a perfect environment for letting one's imagination run wild, and playmates will no doubt enjoy it just as much as adult visitors! It's a win-win. I also love a well-curated gallery wall, and this one is no exception. I love the mix of vintage portraits, prints, framed foliage, and funky little face sculptures. It has SO much more personality than a generic gallery wall comprised of all prints (not that I don't like prints). The entire house is filled with quirky and fun elements that makes the space flat out fun to be in and look at. Every time I look at the photos I spot a fun item that I hadn't seen before. I'm in love with the light pendant in the first photo; the brass complements the dark walls and white ceiling exceptionally. This is definitely one of my favorite homes to take in!

You can see more photos as well as read Rue Magazine's interview with Jillian Scott over here.

Home #6: A Personal Stylist's Bright, Colorful Home

Designer: Tiffany Wendel 

While the kitchen of personal stylist Tiffany Wendel says farmhouse, the rest of her home screams anything but. The white cabinets, butcher block counters, and checkered floors have all the makings of a quaint and sunny farm kitchen, with a touch of glam from the two golden pendents (I love them! It's like a pair of golden eggs which honestly is perfect). Moving throughout the rest of the house, you begin to see much more color at work. Darkly painted walls and lucite chairs in the dining room transition to a bright living room complete with a pair of pink flamingo statues, pink vases, and a sunny yellow couch (proof that the color yellow can add a lot to a space). Fun textiles can be found throughout, from cowhide in the living room to a vintage rug and soft sheepskin in the bedroom (seriously, just go to Ikea and get a couple). There even a bit of unknown fabric hanging off the end of the dining room table which is funky but definitely interesting. Each room in this home has it's own unique look and personality, which to me perfectly reflects the diverse range of moods and styles that most people exhibit from day-to-day. 

You can see more photos over at Coco Kelley

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6 Stunning Seattle Area Homes to Envy | Kayla Lynn


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