Favorite Little Pins 2.0

Favorite Little Pins 2.0 | Kayla Lynn
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Kayla here! So this last weekend I ended up taking a nice little stroll down memory lane on one of my old blogs that I started a couple years ago and I I came across one of these old segments I used to do, Favorite Little Pins (if you pop over to take a look at it you'll have to forgive the crude layout, I accidentally deleted the previous layout one day and completely screwed it up). The title sounds somewhat dorky, I know, but it took me back to a time when I was much more carefree about the look of my blog and thus felt much more at liberty to express my own creativity.

See Exhibit A below of one of my earliest roundups:

Favorite Little Pins 2.0 | Kayla Lynn
Favorite Little Pins 2.0 | Kayla Lynn

This segment was so much fun for me to do, and it's one that I would love to try and bring back. Without further ado, I introduce to you Favorite Little Pins 2.0 (I may rename it to something a little more "professional," I haven't decided). 

The pins I chose to highlight this week are focused around a really nice soft pastel palette that I've been loving lately; light pinks and soft grays and powdery blues. The piece of artwork in my roundup this week is one that I actually ended up buying for myself and I LOVE it. It's a little 5x7" mini by this awesome sister due at NG Collective Studio that I plan on putting in an oversize frame. The studio adds affordable miniature works to their online shop fairly regularly and I highly recommend checking it out if you're looking for a little something something for your home. Or if your'e looking for a lot of something their larger original works are also STUNNING. 

For me, my favorite pins this week also reflect the current mood evident in those transitional weeks between winter and spring. When you're anticipating those breaks of sunshine and bright pinks and florals but most your days are still tinted by blue and gray PNW skies. You start slowly shedding your thick winter sweaters and keep your eyes peeled for new blouses and accessories in anticipation of the upcoming season (BELL SLEEVES, people. They are already everywhere). I for one am content riding out the transition, looking ahead to warmer weather but settling in with blankets and comfort food in the meantime. 

Have a lovely week everyone, and feel free to follow along with me on Pinterest if you want to see more pins like these ones!


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