14 (More) Target Home Products to Pick Up Now

Hands down the most viewed post on my blog to-date has been the Target roundup I did back in January consisting of 14 of my favorite Target home products at the time. My boyfriend and I went by Target yesterday in the very, very faint hope that they might have a Nintendo Switch in stock (he's on a campaign to find one before we leave for our trip to DC next week) and while we had no luck on the coveted new gaming console front, I did find lots and lots of amazing Target products to squeal over (while he shook his head at me and saved me from buying EVERYTHING). It motivated me to do another Target roundup for you guys, and I totally UNINTENTIONALLY picked out 14 more home items to share. Literally, I saved the file and counted up how many items I included and it was 14. It was fate. Without further ado, here is this month's roundup of Target home goods with an emphasis on cool blue tones offset by warm wood and gold tones. Enjoy!

14 (More) Target Home Products to Pick Up Now | Kayla Lynn

Which products are your favorites? I really want a pair of these accent tables with two of these baskets underneath them for our bedroom (except I want the white marble-topped version). The tables looked great in the store but the online product photos are pretty bad. Sorry Target. 

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