Style Trend: Fuzzy "Teddy" Coats

Style Trend: Fuzzy "Teddy" Coats | Kayla Lynn

I know, I know, I know. It's almost March. The potential for warm weather is just around the corner and no one wants to talk about COATS right now. While I hate to crush any springtime dreams, it's still cold outside folks. And in the PNW, you have no idea from one day to the next whether it's going to be 40 and rainy or 70 and sunny, especially in the spring. And Pinterest, the highest authority in the land, says winter outfit inspiration posts and OOTDs are still going strong so deal with it. 

I'm on Pinterest every day, and it's been a truly indispensable source of inspiration for me over the years. If (God forbid) Pinterest ever crashed I have no doubt that I would throw myself to the ground wherever I was and cry (and probably take time off work for mental health reasons). Part of what I love about Pinterest is that it tends to serve as a really good gauge of what's popular and trending across many different industries, including fashion, interior design, health and wellness, and wedding design. You tend to see images reflecting certain trends appearing over and over again on your Pinterest feed, and lately one that has been cropping up nonstop for me has been images of women clad in these super fuzzy coats and jackets. 

Photo: Shopstyle

Photo: Shopstyle

Photo: Shopstyle

My initial reaction: those coats look god awful. Like you're wearing carpet or something. But you know how when you hear a new song on the radio, and at first you don't really like it but then you hear it over and over and start to think it actually sounds pretty good? These coats are just like that; 
 the more I started to see images of these super fuzzy coats the more I started to think You know, they aren't COMPLETELY terrible. They do look incredibly comfy after all. I've heard them referred to feeling very soft and warm, like "teddy bear hugs," and honestly who isn't on board with that? 

I didn't have to do a lot of looking around to see that this trend isn't new by any means. Whether at Paris Fashion Week in 2014 or New York Fashion Week this last week, fuzzy faux shearling coats have been gracing fashionable streets for years. I'm fully aware that spring is around the corner and everyone is eager to cast their warm coats aside and don their sandals and rompers, but now is a great time to try and hit up end-of-season sales and pick up a "teddy bear hug" of your own, because there's a good chance the trend will be back next season!

Photo: Take Aim

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Honestly WTF

Please note: I am all for giving credit where credit is due. Unfortunately, image sharing sites like Pinterest and Tumblr can be black holes for original content, and finding the owner of the content can be tough. I was not able to connect all of these photos to their proper sources, so if you recognize any content or see that it is improperly credited please let me know!

Thanks for visiting, and Happy President's Day! (Be sure to check out those sales!)


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