Monday (Shopping) Motivation

Monday (Shopping) Motivation | Kayla Lynn

Happy Monday folks! I thought I'd add a little bit of pretty to the beginning of your week by showing you some of the beautiful home goods and accessories I collected over the weekend. My Pinterest board is brimming with goodies such as these and I just had to share.

1. Mobile Chandelier: Not that I'm actually in the market for a chandelier (I don't think my landlord would be very thrilled about it), but if I was this one from West Elm has my name all over it.

2. Adidas Gazelle Sneakers (No longer available): I'm going on a trip next month that will require a lot of walking, so I'm thinking about picking up some casual tennis shoes to walk around in without looking TOO touristy.

3. Golden Angle Carafe (No longer available): I love how perfectly imperfect this carafe is; I need it on my counter ASAP.

4. Mason Vegan Travel Satchel: I don't really have a good oversized bag for travel yet but with my trip coming up I'm thinking about finally pulling the trigger on this satchel I've been eyeing from Sole Society.

5. Cream Linen Stripe Oversized Throw Pillow (No longer available): Because I need some oversized pillows in my life. And because I saw it on Emily Henderson's blog and I have to have everything she posts.

6. Megan Tasseled Mule (No longer available): This spring I'm resolving that I MUST get myself a pair of mules. I'm in love with these mule/loafers from Steve Madden and they come in several stunning colors including silver and dusty blue. I'll take one of each please.

7. Faux Leather Throw Pillow (No longer available): The cognac leather color is one that I'm really loving at the moment (in case you haven't noticed); a throw pillow is the perfect way to bring the color and texture into my bedroom (I'm craving a bedroom makeover).

8. Tassel Throw Blanket (No longer available): I was super impressed when I learned this blanket was from Target. It's just another reason why Target is my FAVORITE place in the world.

9. Alto Earrings (No longer available): These beautiful earrings are on SALE for $8 from Furbish right now. I kid you not. They were originally $38, and a part of me is convinced that the price is a typo. Get them while you can!

10. Rustic Farmhouse Iron Leather Wine Rack: I joined Winc towards the end of the summer (I think... time flies when you're drinking wine) and I've actually been loving it. I get to try new wines that I would never have tried otherwise, and with all the wine around it would seem that I need to get myself a wine rack.

That's all guys! If you're craving even more pretty gems such as these, feel free to pop over to my Pinterest wish list. Thanks for stopping by, and as always feel free to share or drop me a comment if you loved this post.

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