8 Stylish Wine Racks

8 Stylish Wine Racks | Kayla Lynn

As my boyfriend can attest to, I LOVE wine. We don't give each other formal Valentine's Day gifts, but his unofficial gift to me is always a phenomenal dinner and a really nice bottle of wine to go with it. Thanks to my monthly subscription to Winc, there's usually a bottle or two (or four) laying around the house. And I mean that literally, they just lay down on their sides on the counter because one too many dry brittle corks from Trader Joe's has made me paranoid about proper wine storage. 

Which brings me to my current dilemma; I am in need of a wine rack (and have been for a while). I like the idea of having a small X shaped wine rack built right into my cabinetry, but obviously that's not possible in our apartment. Another option is to buy a bar cart with built-in wine storage or a stand-alone wine shelving unit equipped with a plethora of wine slots (hello home wine cellar) but I already own a bar cart and most wine racks are way too large and have too much capacity for my purposes (not to mention they're downright ugly).

This leaves me searching for something small and attractive that I can put on my counter or on the bottom shelf of my existing bar cart. No more bottles rolling around on the counter! Below are my picks for stylish and chic counter-top wine racks, ranging from both new and vintage. It's hard to choose a favorite!

1. Gold Hexagonal Wine Rack $62
Apparently this one is currently backordered but you can fine one exactly like it here
2. Vintage Wooden Accordion Wine Rack 35
3. Hexa Stacking Wine Rack
Can you actually buy this one?
4. 11-Bottle Copper Wine Rack $49.95
5. Small Brighton Rustic Farmhouse Iron Leather Wine Rack Holder $55
6. Karl Stacking Wine Rack $79.95
7. Sierra Folding Wine Rack $27
8. Vintage Boho Chic Wine Rack $50

Which one is your favorite?


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