Design Trend: The Color Yellow

Interior design is just like fashion in that trends tend to come and go fairly frequently, but one that definitely seems to be having a moment is yellow as an accent color. Bedrooms and living rooms with pops of yellow have been permeating my Pinterest feed more and more lately, and it's a look that's starting to win me over. If you're skeptical about this trend then I don't blame you. I mean, yellow? But peruse some of these image and I think you'll see that a few subtle touches of this bright happy color might be just what your home needs.

Design Trend: The Color Yellow | Kayla Lynn

Photo: Plush Palate 

Photo: Domino

Photo: Bliss At Home 

According to color psychology (yes, there is such a thing), yellow is "uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun." Additionally, the color yellow is said to stimulate inquisitiveness and ingenuity, inspiring creative thought and new ideas.
Yellow is the perfect color for adding warmth and happiness to your home, two of the most common feelings that people want to evoke in their living spaces. Now I'm not telling you to rush to the nearest hardware store so that you can paint an entire room in your house yellow; just a few pops here and there will do. Whether it's a piece of furniture, a couple throw pillows, or a blanket, there are many ways to incorporate the color into your own space!

Photo: Honky

Photo: Fired Earth

Photo: Vogue

Photo: Domino

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