5 Online Boutiques You've Probably Never Heard Of

I love Forever 21 and H&M as much as the next person, but lately I've grown a but tired of the low-end, mass-produced quality from a lot of the apparel stores that I normally shop at. That's why I've been on the hunt for smaller curated online boutiques that stock better-quality clothing without shelling out designer boutique prices. I'm sharing with you today five of my favorite online shops that you need to check out now if you're interested in adding some seriously stylish pieces to your wardrobe.

Love Street Apparel 
Love Street Apparel is an online boutique based out of "a small city near the mountains" according to their online bio. Their clothing is thoughtfully picked out and you can definitely tell (I especially love their sweaters!). In case you're stumped when it comes to putting together awesome outfits (which I am most of the time), there's a lot of really great inspiration on their Instagram feed to get your shopping started. In addition to clothing, Love Street carries a curated selection of home accessories and beauty products as well.

5 Online Boutiques You've Probably Never Heard Of | Kayla Lynn

Nest Boutique 
The Nest Boutique is based out of Utah and sports a lot of comfy and loose clothing. You'll find warm flannel, chunky cardigans, and really pretty midi dresses at really great prices (and did I mention the shoes?). Comfy tops are definitely this shop's forte; it's significantly lacking in the jeans and pants department. If a comfy knit is what you're looking for then Nest might just be your new go-to.

Piper & Scoot
Piper & Scoot is one of my favorite boutiques on this list. Just like Nest Boutique, this store is based out of Utah. Born from founder by Kylee Middleton's dream of opening her own clothing boutique, Piper & Scoot is nothing short of AMAZING. If it's not something that Middleton would keep in her own closet then sit's not something that she would sell in her store. Simple as that. You will find a huge variety of really unique and affordable clothing that you are sure to fall in love with (not to mention peplums galore!).

No Rest For Bridget
Founded in 2004, No Rest For Bridget is the longest running store on this list with several brick-and-mortar locations around the country. Their clothing is aimed at on-the-go, career-oriented women who want to look stylish wherever they go but don't have a lot of time in their busy schedules. Classic, timeless, sophisticated, and elegant are some of the words used to describe their clothes. This brand is quickly growing and expanding, and has been seen on fashion bloggers like Nicole Ciotti. There's also a really cool feature on their website where you can shop looks based on their Instagram photos.


Clad & Cloth
Saving the best for last, Clad & Cloth is my favorite small online boutique that I've discovered to date. In addition to having really stylish clothing, the shop also has a really awesome mission: To inspire women to be clothed in confidence and independence. Here is an excerpt taken directly from their website:
"A 'clad & cloth' girl is tastefully dressed, modest, bold, and unique.  A 'clad & cloth' girl is more than her clothes and never hides behind scantily bits of fabric.  She is smart and kind.  She is daring and respectful.  She is courageous and gentle.  She is calm, cool and collected.  She is your best self."
Wow. If that doesn't inspire you to start shopping at Clad & Cloth immediately then I don't know what will. That being said, this shop IS a tad tricky to score items at. Their website is purposefully limited, focusing on a small inventory of thoughtfully handpicked clothing. What this means is that particular items and sizes sell out VERY quickly, and size Smalls can be especially hard to find. It is also the most expensive shop on this list, but if you manage to score a piece from this boutique in your size you are sure to love it forever and ever.

Know of any other awesome online boutiques? Let me know in the comments below!

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