4 Resolutions for 2017 Actually Worth Keeping

4 Resolutions for 2017 Actually Worth Keeping | Kayla Lynn

It's that time again y'all. Time to ring in a brand new year, reflect on all of the events of the past year (for better or worse), and to start over fresh. I never (and I mean never), make new year's resolutions that I know I won't keep past a month, but this year feels different. For 2017,  I am all about the pursuit of things that will make me feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in the long run. After several days of reflection, I would like to present to you here my 4 no-bullshit resolutions for 2017 that will actually be worth keeping.

1. Just start.

Start somewhere. Start anywhere. Get into that new craft or hobby you've secretly always wanted to try (for me, I think I'm finally going to try my hand at weaving!), or sit down and finally come up with a game plan for that work or side project that's been on your mind lately. Whatever it is, the important thing is just to start. Emily Henderson crafted an amazing blog post on this very topic a few months back (I highly recommend checking it out here), and it has greatly inspired me to not let fear or the sense that everything must be done perfectly get in the way of creating. Have I started and failed at blogging like 6 times already? The answer is absolutely and unequivocally yes. Somewhere out there in the dark reaches of the Internet are tiny islands of misfit blogs covered in digital cobwebs. Projects that were given up on or abandoned because I let the fear of mediocrity and a lack of inspiration get to me. But blogging is always something that I come back to inevitably because it's a wonderful creative outlet. Stay tuned, my friends!

2. Read more.

Now more than ever it's important to stay informed on social issues and events unfolding domestically as well as abroad. I highly recommend signing up for a free service such as Bit of News, which sends summaries of the top global and national news stories to your email inbox every day. It's super easy to skim during your commute, at your desk before you start your day, or during your lunch or coffee break.
While you're at it, pick up a couple new books to read too! Reading regularly is a great way to improve your vocabulary. It is also (in my opinion) the best way to unwind before bed; you get to unplug and give your tired eyes a rest from your phone or computer screen (a proven source of inadequate sleep). If you're in need to inspiration, check out this list by Elle magazine covering some of the most anticipated books of 2017 written by women.

3. Focus on YOU. Every part of you.

This year is your year to focus on both your physical and mental health (and let's be real, 2016 did a REAL number on us in mental health category), and to do so in a way that it centered around more than just weight loss. We all know it's January when every retailer out there launches new years advertising campaigns for fancy exercise equipment, cute exercise outfits, and miracle weight loss supplements. But promising to go to the gym more often or skipping the whipped cream on your daily mocha isn't quite what I'm talking about. Now is the time to make meaningful changes in the way that you think about yourself and the value that you have to those around you. Rather than binge exercising for a month and depriving yourself of all carbs (why would you even do that???), make small, do-able changes to your exercise and eating routines. After a while, you'll notice the difference in your energy levels and in the quality of your sleep. Don't know where to start? Start by reading this article on fitness plans that are actually doable.

4. Buy one piece of original art.

The first three things on this list might not be groundbreaking in terms of New Year's Resolutions, but this resolution is one that I wholeheartedly believe everyone should do. Really. Over the course of the last year I have bought six pieces of original art, and each time it felt like Christmas Day all over again. It's so exciting to give a home to someone else's labor of love, and each piece you score feels like a little victory. I encourage everyone to peruse online or search locally for an artist whose work you admire and reach out to them. I have found some great artist whose work I now own through the Redux Studios, and have also had great luck on Etsy. Not convinced? Check out this article from Huffington Post on 10 Reasons to Buy Art.

That's all folks! Thanks so much for visiting me in my little corner of the Internet, and feel free to share this post or subscribe to this blog if you liked this post. Have a happy and successful 2017!


  1. I LOVE it! And I really like the idea of buying original art! You'll have to help me with that someday ;)

    1. I'm totally planning a post or two on buying art!